Blocks and Bubbles Kids Game

lite version: FREE
full version: ONLY 99¢


7 fun-filled and educational kids games for toddlers and kids from 0 to 5 and up.
Full version ONLY 99¢

Warning: Kids Game! Kids Kids Kids. If you are not a kid, do not have kids and/or do not like kid games then this may not be for you. If you or someone you know likes kids games please read on! Blocks and Bubbles Kids Game is tested and proved! Kids will spend hours:

  • learning letters and words
  • spinning tops
  • knocking down pins and blocks
  • popping bubbles
  • placing stickers
  • building scenes with blocks and other objects

Learning occurs when fun is combined with education, and this is exactly what Blocks and Bubbles Kids Game provides. Your kids will have fun maneuvering 7 different games, touching many interactive objects. There are games for every age from 0 to 5 and up.

If there are any problems with any or all of the kids games included in Blocks and Bubbles Kids Game PLEASE do not hesitate to send us an e-mail and/or place a request for a refund.

With the FULL version you will get:

    More block walls for bowling
    More objects to spin around
    More objects to build with
    More stickers
    More words to learn

No Ads with the LITE version!

Click Here to watch the video demonstration on Youtube, or just click on the video below.